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Global LNG and natural gas data and prices

Analyze world LNG trade dynamics and extract actionable insights with our global LNG and natural gas data offering. LNG producers, traders and utilities companies use this data service to run extensive historical and trend analyses, to make more profitable business decisions.


  • Monthly LNG prices, volumes and total trade value for eight major Asian importers, Brazil, Spain, the US, UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh, imported from over 20 global markets
  • Weekly indicative LNG spot prices for major global hubs and spot LNG exporter netbacks to key global markets
  • Monthly estimated natural gas prices via various routes to seven European countries
  • Weekly gas and power prices for major North American and European hubs
  • Monthly and bidweek North American natural gas prices at major hubs and regions, with comparative coal, fuel oil, heating oil and ULSD prices
  • US gas futures for monthly contracts and the rolling 12-month strip

Our global natural gas and LNG data is also available through the Global LNG Service.

The Global LNG Service delivers a comprehensive package of news, data, analysis and research to help you understand global LNG market dynamics in the near, medium and long term.

What's included in our LNG and natural gas data sets?
  • LNG spot prices and netbacks
  • LNG import prices and volumes
  • Natural gas and power prices
  • European border price estimates
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  • Lessons from European gas inventory dynamics in 2022 provide important insight into rebuilding storage in 2023. Still, several categories of policy remedies intended to lower the gas price burden for European consumers loom large, reflecting shifting longer-term priorities. While the region continues to look toward the Eastern Mediterranean for gas supply, it could be Egyptian fiscal challenges that help keep the country's LNG exports elevated in the near term.
    Tue, Nov 22, 2022
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