Crude fundamentals, including production, trade, quality and pricing data.

Upstream Oil Projects Tracker: Methodology

  • Covers 294 new crude oil projects in 43 countries across varying stages and in varying play types (see definitions).
  • Tracks upstream oil projects expected to add capacity of at least 30,000 barrels per day starting 2021.
  • Provides Energy Intelligence quarterly estimates of projected added capacity through over a period of 21 quarters.
  • Provides Energy Intelligence views on likelihood of a project going ahead for projects that have at least reached the appraisal phase, and links to latest Energy Intelligence coverage.
  • Provides project ownership and corporate data, including operators and partners, covering at least 80% of the total ownership of any given project.
  • Provides associated crude stream when known.
  • Tracks crude oil and associated gas reserves of projects when possible.
  • Provides information on crude oil quality when available.
  • Provides visualization of data by companies, geography, Opec groupings, quality, status and additional capacities over time.
 Middle East 
 FSUFormer Soviet Union
 Latin America 
 North America 
Opec GroupOpec-Plus 
FieldsAssociated oil fields 
Field TypeOnshore 
 Onshore/offshoreHas both onshore and offshore facilities
DepthDeep>1,000 ft
 Shallow<1,000 ft
Play TypeConventionalResources extracted with conventional means and methods
 Deepwater>1,000 ft, offshore
 Shallow water<1,000 ft, offshore
 Pre-saltResources found in pre-salt layer
 ArcticResources found in Arctic-like conditions, characterized by ice, permafrost and extreme temperatures
 Shale oilOil-bearing shale or tight oil
 Oil sands/heavy oilOil from loose sands or partially consolidated sandstones or heavy oil
Project StatusExplorationCompanies search for oil or gas deposits
 AppraisalFollowing a successful discovery, companies determine whether their find is commercially viable. This includes the front-end engineering and design (Feed) stage
 Under developmentInstallations are put in place to be able to produce oil
 On streamProject starts producing (does not include early production systems)
 CanceledProject canceled
 DeferredProject deferred
SanctionedY/NProject has or has not reached final investment decision
Operator and PartnersOperator, partners and their ownership percentages of project  
First Oil DateCompany's reported first oil date 
Crude StreamLikely associated crude stream 
Gravity CategoryLightAPI > 31.1°
 MediumAPI between 22.3° and 31.1°
 Extra heavyAPI <10°
Sulfur Content CategorySweet<0.5%S
ReservesRecoverable liquid reserves in million bbl 
 Recoverable gas reserves in million boe 
 Total reserves in million boe 
Likelihood of Go-AheadOur view on whether or not the project is likely to start as scheduled 

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