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Navigate the impact on markets, the transition, politics and corporate strategies from the biggest energy disruption in a generation

The Ukraine crisis has caused turmoil on a global scale. Oil and gas prices have been sent soaring. Trade flows are being reshaped. Corporate portfolios have been shaken up. And energy policy priorities have been reordered.

However long the war lasts, the consequences will be profound. Europe has vowed to end its consumption of Russian energy, whatever the costs – opening opportunities for others to help meet its needs. Russia is carving out new trade relationships in response. Western companies face holes – sometimes large – in their portfolios and plans. Sanctions are likely to remain for a long time.

Energy Intelligence has brought its best coverage of the Ukraine crisis’ energy impact – across oil and gas markets, the energy transition, politics and corporate strategies – together in a single place. This selection of content, written by experts for experts, is designed to help companies and governments navigate a course through this complex and combustible situation with well-informed, reliable and independent news, analysis, research and data.


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  • Many hydrocarbon producers are making policy progress to fight climate change and prepare for the energy transition, despite major global macroeconomic and energy market headwinds. Elections in Australia, Brazil and Colombia saw victories by new, more climate friendly governments, while new US policy could reduce emissions. COP27 saw several new net-zero pledges and emissions reduction targets, with methane a particular focus. However, many key challenges remain, including questions about financing that will have to be addressed if countries are to meet their ambitious goals.
    Mon, Nov 28, 2022
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