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Aboveground risk analysis for the oil and gas industry

Identify and mitigate cash flow and asset vulnerabilities with our analytical benchmarking reports, which are an essential tool for political risk management. Policy advisers, strategists and market analysts use our actionable risk insights to inform their investment strategies and prepare for the energy transition.


  • Country Risk Index – a proprietary aboveground risk ranking tool, covering more than 60 countries ranked across 34 individual factors, provides the robust analytical framework underpinning our country, geopolitical and transition risk analysis
  • Quarterly Outlook – a quarterly report highlighting key changes in our Country Risk Index, including an outlook of aboveground investment risk factors such as political volatility, elections, security, regulatory and tax changes, and changes in operating conditions
  • Risk Reviews – concise overviews of country, geopolitical and transition risk drivers and outlook
  • Transition Risk Index – Energy Intelligence’s proprietary benchmarking of countries’ resilience and adaptation to the energy transition
  • Macroeconomic Outlook – a twice-yearly report covering global economic conditions, outlook and risk implications for the energy industry
  • Opec-Plus Break-Evens Outlook – a twice-yearly report presenting our external economic break-evens model and providing an overview on producers’ fiscal break-evens, including analysis of fiscal policy options/signposts, internal Opec-plus dynamics and risk implications
  • Direct access to our risk analysts, editors and data team through one-to-one discussions, regular private briefings, monthly video on demand updates and bespoke quarterly executive briefings

Our risk research is available through the Risk Service.

The Risk Service delivers an integrated package of news, analysis, research and data to help you develop resilient and actionable risk assessments and support your decision-making.

What's included in our risk research?
• Aboveground country risk assessments
• Energy transition vulnerabilities
• Global macroeconomic outlook
• Opec-plus external and fiscal break-even
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  • Overall risks to Saudi Arabia’s operating environment are improving. Windfall oil revenues are providing a boon to the Saudi economy, and it continues to implement sweeping economic and social reforms, with the Vision 2030 initiative remaining at the center of its diversification plans. Geopolitical risks are declining as diplomatic efforts bear fruit and some of Riyadh’s cooler relationships improve, and a ceasefire with the Houthis in Yemen holds. Riyadh’s transition efforts are also taking greater shape, with significant additions to renewable capacity coming online between 2022-2024 and economic diversification efforts gathering steam.
    Thu, Aug 11, 2022