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Energy Transition Research
  • This year’s announced low-carbon spending through Q3’21 reached $39 billion – already $10 billion above full 2020 levels. The unprecedented $22 billion of investments announced in Q1’21 certainly provides a boost to the annual total. But Q3’21 announced investment levels are in line with the rapid growth trend of recent years – and at $9.7 billion, were up 28% from Q2’21. European Majors, especially TotalEnergies, Shell, BP and Equinor, again lead investments by value, but the peer group’s share of the total fell slightly from recent quarters to average 91% through Q3’21. A rebound in announcements by NOCs and US Majors is driving this shift, although Global Independents have stayed quiet. Renewable power remains the top spending category, but its share dropped from 94% in Q1’21 to 67% in Q3’21 as investments in low-carbon fuels, e-mobility and CCS have picked up. We expect the composition of investments to evolve in favor of low-carbon fuels, particularly hydrogen, and CCS in 2022 and beyond, as more firms seek to implement more varied transition plans. To better capture this range of approaches, we have added six new companies this quarter, with a focus on Adnoc, PTT and Wintershall Dea in this report.
    Wed, Nov 3, 2021
Global LNG Research
  • The uptick in LNG supply agreements with US ventures this year is important in the context of supportive market conditions, but this does not mean that the sector is free from challenges. Chinese buyers have been an important part of the US story in 2021. Long-term supply agreements concluded this year—both with US ventures and other sellers—reflect several strategic goals. A tight LNG market invariably raises questions about new supply sources, but upstream activity in Cyprus may not provide many new answers on the capacity front.
    Tue, Nov 16, 2021
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Risk Research
  • Russia is one of the world’s most important oil and gas producers. Its hydrocarbon sector underwrites the economy, state budget and grand geopolitical ambitions, giving it a unique risk profile. Domestically, it is seeking to accelerate oil and gas development to maintain vital revenues over the medium to longer term. While the increase in oil and gas prices have provided a short-term boost, deeper longer-term reforms are needed to stimulate growth. Political risks remain elevated amid growing questions about the future of Russian President Vladimir Putin after the 2024 presidential election. Despite positive changes such as its Opec-plus cooperation, geopolitical risks are rising as its involvement in global conflicts grows and major disagreements with the West remain unresolved. From a Country Risk Index perspective, Russia is a medium-risk, high-reward country, ranking 14th of 71 jurisdictions globally on a risk/reward basis.
    Wed, Nov 17, 2021
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Competitive Intelligence Research
  • The transformation is here, but it is messy. The latest Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC and IOC Rankings reflect a deeply disruptive pandemic year and presage a complex transition as companies navigate short-term opportunities and long-term strategies. Top 100 companies, which account for 70%-80% of global oil and gas activity, are ranked annually according to performance in six operational metrics: Oil and gas reserves, oil and gas production, product sales and refinery distillation capacity. Competitive Intelligence Research is pleased to share the Executive Summary findings from this year's Top 100 report.
    Thu, Nov 18, 2021
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