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  • Large resource holders, Brazil and Angola, are advancing new exploration opportunities, mindful of the race to develop oil and gas resources ahead of energy transition impacts. New additions to the quarterly Resource Access Monitor continue the trend of improving terms or investment conditions for exploration acreage offers.
    Wed, Sep 22, 2021
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Energy Transition Research
  • Our latest ESG Climate Risk Benchmark report shows that companies are continuing to step up action, but that investor demands are also escalating. We have adjusted our methodology in response to evolving investor priorities, which are increasingly focused on corporate commitments to long-term and intermediate emissions-reduction goals. Even with these adjustments in our methodology, general peer group trends are largely unchanged from the last benchmark report. European firms dominate the top tier, while less engaged NOCs are concentrated toward the bottom of the ranking. Independents and US majors fill out the middle tier. Yet some companies made marked improvements. Ecopetrol, for example, jumped eight spots to 14th of 27, after announcing net-zero Scopes 1 and 2 emissions goals. Indeed, a growing number of companies have set net-zero Scopes 1 and 2 targets – and we expect more announcements to follow in 2021-22, from US majors, independents and some NOCs.
    Mon, Aug 30, 2021
Global LNG Research
  • Energy Intelligence’s semiannual update of our proprietary, long-term LNG supply/demand forecast sees a consistent demand growth rate into the 2030s. If anything, we continue to see LNG supply expectations still subject to greater post-pandemic upheaval. The report’s title—Approaching Inflection Point: LNG Trade Meets Energy Transition—indicates that many of the policies long expected to support greater gas and LNG use may be turning in a different direction.
    Thu, Aug 26, 2021
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  • The Taliban takeover is likely to have negative repercussions for the US at home and abroad, harming President Joe Biden’s domestic popularity and leading key allies to question Washington’s security guarantees. While Russia, China and Iran will likely be happy with the hit to the US’ international reputation, they are now faced with a potentially destabilizing influence in their backyard. Regional security and economic risks may also rise, particularly if there is another massive outflux of refugees or Afghanistan becomes a haven for regional and international Islamist militant groups again. Risk Research is monitoring Country Risk Index Economics and Politics scores for several of Afghanistan’s neighbors given the possible ramifications that these developments will have on their risk profiles.
    Wed, Aug 18, 2021
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Competitive Intelligence Research
  • Policy developments in several offshore plays—Norway, USGOM, Mexico and Nigeria—are on watch in this update to the Exploration Activity Monitor. A steady pace of drilling activity in Norway in planned, despite potential policy shifts under a likely new government seeking to curb new exploration. In the USGOM, high-profile wells such as Chevron’s Silverback prospect and BP’s Puma West discovery highlight ongoing activity, even as the federal leasing ban works through the courts. The expected spate of high-profile offshore exploration activity in Mexico has yielded successes for select firms, such as Eni and Lukoil. Yet, creeping resource nationalism policy could impact decisions to advance projects and appraisal drilling. Nigeria has finally passed its long-awaited Petroleum Bill, designed to spur new investment. But the upstream incentives may be insufficient to prompt larger existing operators to prioritize deepwater wildcats for greenfield growth. On the corporate front, we are watching the recent Woodside-BHP tie up, where portfolio merging and final investment decisions likely put planned drilling on the back burner.
    Fri, Aug 20, 2021
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