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Essential insights and critical analysis of the oil and gas industry

Stay a step ahead of the competition with our forward-looking analysis and data on the industry's most significant developments, which present the highlights and offer a fresh perspective. Petroleum Intelligence Weekly helps senior executives, analysts and policymakers with strategic decision-making, by explaining and analyzing the implications of major events in oil and gas markets and the evolving energy transition.


  • Price outlooks for crude and refined products, including gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, jet fuel and LNG
  • Analysis of Opec and government policies
  • News and analysis on evolving corporate strategies
  • Analysis of major business and investment trends across oil, gas and low-carbon sectors
  • Review of upstream and downstream operational activities and M&A transactions
  • Key commercial and technological breakthroughs across oil and gas, and the evolving renewables sectors
  • The annual PIW Top 50 ranking of national oil companies and international oil companies
  • Analysis of business model responses to the energy transition
  • Regular interviews with CEOs of leading oil companies

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What's included in Petroleum Intelligence Weekly?
  • Oil and gas markets analysis
  • Oil futures and spot prices
  • Corporate strategy trends
  • Energy transition responses
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