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London - November 7, 2019

Energy Intelligence announces the latest ranking of the global Top 100 Green Utilities, which provides detailed insights on the fast-changing shift to low-carbon power generation. This ranking of the world's top green power generators from both industrialized and emerging markets, published in EI New Energy, is based on companies’ renewable energy portfolios and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Key findings: 

  • Leading utilities, particularly in Europe and the US, have started to implement ambitious decarboniza­tion plans typically aimed at reaching carbon-neutral generation by 2050. This has already translated to substantial emissions reductions through coal-to-gas switching, renewable energy investment and fossil fuel divestment.
  • Carbon emissions in the power sector still have room to fall, but they’re moving noticeably in a greener direction. Average carbon dioxide emissions of the companies in the ranking reached 440 kilograms per megawatt hour last year -- down from 565 kg/MWh in 2011 when the ranking was first published.
  • The top 10 companies in the ranking include six European, two Chinese and two US firms, together owning 318 GW or a staggering 80% of carbon-free capacity almost equally split between nuclear (28%), hydropower (26%) and other renewables (25%). Those companies boast average emissions of just 93 kg/MWh.


 “Power companies have seen the writing on the wall on the need to transition their business models. We’ve seen concrete actions in recent years in the sector which has resulted in portfolios that are noticeably shifted toward greener power generation sources,” said Lauren Craft, editor of EI New Energy, where the report is published. “Another noteworthy trend is that the shifts toward low-carbon power are occurring among both large, established utilities as well as smaller, newer players in the industry.” 

Energy Intelligence selected 100 companies among the largest power generators from around the world, accounting for almost half of global capacity. The ranking evaluated their “greenness” according to carbon dioxide emissions per megawatt hour and renewable energy capacity. Rather than approaching the subject by country or region, the report compares individual companies, from both industrialized and emerging markets.

An accompanying analysis draws out key trends and conclusions.


Notes to Editors

To view the full results, including the detailed methodology, click here

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