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our history

Through access to unrivaled archives, Energy Intelligence provides our clients with the opportunity to sift back through 60 years of back issues of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly and other Energy Intelligence Information Services.

Looking to the Past, Present and Future

Wandering back through time, one can see the critical issues that were at stake at various moments in the tumultuous history of oil. By looking even further, the parallels with today become clear and nuanced, providing a close-up perspective on the cyclical forces that drive the energy industry.

Day-by-day and Week-in, Week-out

Every day since the 1950s, Energy Intelligence has strived to make sense of a complex global business that is at the core of the modern world and the critical new developments and changes within it. This commitment to provide knowledge and understanding of the energy business to our readers is where the company began, and it remains our continuing commitment and legacy.