Comparative Market Graphs

The following graphs provide weekly comparative insights into key LNG market relationships over the ...

Volumes of Gas in Atlantic Basin Storage

Volumes of Gas in Atlantic Basin Storage EU‡ % ...

Spot LNG Exporter Netbacks at Key ...

Spot LNG Exporter Netbacks at Key Markets ($/MMBtu) NE Asia Jul 26 Week Ago Two Weeks Ago Year ...

Gas and Power Prices for Major US and ...

Gas, Power Prices & Spark Spreads for Generators Major Hubs EUROPE   US   Jul 26  Week ...

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World Gas Intelligence

Providing expert coverage of the entire natural gas cycle from production to delivery, including increasingly important shale news and data, World Gas Intelligence offers the crucial information you need to understand and stay ahead of the natural gas market.

Every issue of World Gas Intelligence includes:

  • Reports on cross-border trade in natural gas, both as LNG and by pipeline, and as an evolving mix of the two
  • Incisive articles investigating corporate strategies, industry trends, new ventures, political implications, industry infrastructure and more
  • Timely news on long-term, short-term and spot LNG sales, as well as reports on their implications for gas markets
  • Updates on supply-side projects, pipelines and liquefaction plants and analysis of the power sector, particularly its interrelation with the natural gas industry

Every week World Gas Intelligence delivers independent analysis and information on the commercial, economic and political developments -- including new deals, projects and pricing -- that directly affect your business. Highlights include:

  • Events affecting the likely construction and ongoing use of LNG terminals and other downstream infrastructure
  • Upstream gas trends that impact global gas availability
  • Changing corporate strategies
  • Regional gas and global LNG market formation
  • Shifting global gas supply/demand balances
  • Regional gas and LNG import price and volume data
  • Estimates for LNG exporter netbacks and European border prices
  • Asian LNG imports, gas price indexes around US LNG receiving terminals and US and European spark spreads

When it comes to staying informed and making sense of a rapidly evolving global natural gas industry, there is no better source than World Gas Intelligence.