CHINA -- Customs data show that Iraq suffered the most among foreign suppliers from the slowdown in ...

The Delta Force

Brent has recovered from its $5 per barrel drop on Jul. 19 when it was caught in a general risk-off ...


CORPORATE -- Hess unveiled new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets through 2025 on ...

PIW Market Indicators

PIW Market Indicators ($/bbl) Jul 19- Jul 12- Jun 21- Jul 21 Jul 16 Jun 25 Spot Crude Opec ...

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Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) has been setting the standard for international energy journalism for five decades. PIW’s mission is to provide the analytical insight for informed decision-making in the international oil and gas industry. Every week, it offers concise analysis about the most significant developments in the industry and explains the implications for specific sectors and the global energy business.

In-depth analysis and data on significant news and trends, including:

  • Price outlooks for crude and products
  • Opec and government policies
  • Changing corporate strategies
  • Major business trends and analysis
  • Upstream and downstream activities and transactions
  • Key commercial and technological breakthroughs

A resource designed for industry giants

The most respected energy industry professionals worldwide rely
on Petroleum Intelligence Weekly to make successful strategic business decisions. Join them and read the most relevant and essential resource in the energy industry.

PIW is the news behind the news. You’ll be told not just about the events, but why they are important and how changes could affect your organization. Because PIW's elite readers' time is valuable, the Information Service highlights the "need to knows" -- exactly what you must read to stay on top of your competition.

PIW Supplemental Reports

As part of the PIW  tradition of analyzing all key trends in the industry, we deliver quarterly and annual supplements that delve even further into the most important analytical data about industry trends and performance.

  • The PIW Top 50 is the first of four annual rankings that form the foundational data behind the Energy Intelligence TOP 100: Ranking the World’s Largest Oil Companies. The methodology behind the highly respected TOP 100 rankings is based on six operational criteria, allowing the comparison of NOCs and IOCs based on reserves, in addition to market capital.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Activity - Quick access to all deals valued at over $100 million that happen over the course of the year. It includes upstream and downstream acquisitions, as well as purchases of entire firms and refinery deals describing key assets and their prices and average per barrel costs.
  • Price Scorecard for Key World Crudes - Delivered quarterly, the Price Scorecard is the most reliable data on term contract prices and costs for crude oil around the world from all of the key exporting countries, including formula prices, retroactive prices, spot linked prices, and government set prices.

PIW Archives

Search the PIW Archives database to mine our complete history of coverage of the oil and gas industry, including analysis of key trends, events, corporate strategy and deals, and market developments.

The PIW Archives includes:

  • A complete digital archive, comprising all PIW issues from 1963 to the present - more than 50,000 articles from more than 2,000 back issues
  • An online index with all issues available in downloadable PDFs and/or HTML layouts

Additional Features include:

  • Extensive cross-references to related PIW articles
  • The ability to create and save targeted searches from over 200 criteria