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Gas Market reconnaissance

Gas Market Reconnaissance helps you navigate the coming day’s natural gas markets by identifying developing trends in light of the best available fundamental and technical analysis. GMR draws on the expertise of key market participants to forecast natural gas and crude oil prices, adding the in-house knowledge of Natural Gas Week’s experienced markets team for an unmatched level of analysis.

Coverage includes:

  • North American Spot Gas Price Features
    • Volume-weighted averages and transactional data for more than 80 key gas points
    • Regional weighted averages for North America’s production and market areas
    • Overall daily wellhead and delivery price composites
  • Prompt-month gas forwards, capturing daily basis trading in a regional format
  • Natural gas futures contracts, presenting the day’s futures results and
    important trends in the 12-month strip
  • Fuel competition, summarizing how natural gas stacks up against its major competitors, Btu for Btu
  • Spot cash electricity prices, electricity price averages at nine key points in the US
  • Today’s short-term weather forecast, a quick 10-day temperature outlook, plus a two-week demand summary by WeatherInsite senior consultant Steve Gregory
  • Gas needed to replace offline nuclear capacity, showing how the day’s nuclear outages could increase gas demand, broken down by region
  • Degree days, aggregating weather-driven demand trends in key US population centers

Timely data to keep you ahead of the curve

Gas Market Reconnaissance gets you the information you need, when you need it. Our daily reports include:

  • Same-day data, delivering the most important US and Canadian gas and electricity prices at 5 p.m. EST. Plus an overview of same-day trading, short-term weather forecasts likely to affect prices and demand, and news briefs focusing on the events affecting your industry.
  • Reliable prices from reliable sources, compiled by Natural Gas Week’s experienced price-reporting and market-analysis team, Gas Market Reconnaissance provides a detailed recap of the most important pricing points for natural gas and electric power in North America, as well as a same-day assessment of trading activity, with comprehensive,
    volume-weighted pricing information and market analysis.
  • Foresee potential trouble spots by staying on top of key pricing events and other developments in the industry as they happen. Avoid oversights that can have a dramatic effect on your business.

What more can you expect from Gas Market Reconnaissance?

  • A final, comprehensive bidweek price survey on the first business day of the month.
  • Proprietary bidweek citygate listings, as well as composite indexes for wellhead and delivered prices for offshore and onshore production and into the major markets.
  • Weekly storage tables presenting eight week’s worth of current trends, capacity analysis, year-ago and five-year comps, and updates on Canadian storage levels. Plus daily analysis on pipeline and demand data for a heads-up on the upcoming storage report.