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Strategic oil fundamentals, price analytics and insight on global oil markets

Understand the factors that are forming today’s oil price and the drivers of supply and demand with Energy Intelligence’s inside view on global oil markets. The Oil Markets Service helps producers, traders and investors to understand the critical next 10 years of the oil industry.

We combine robust fundamentals and oil markets data with exclusive primary-source reporting to deliver reliable insights. Our price forecasts are informed by our proprietary Oil Market Analysis Grid, which provides a strong analytical framework for assessing global oil markets through four strategic lenses: physical fundamentals, financial markets, geopolitics and macroeconomics.

No other company combines such direct and close access to oil market decision-makers with strategic oil fundamentals and price analytics.


  • Build resilient trading strategies with our robust market fundamentals data, which provide an independent view of production, exports, imports, inventories and demand
  • Develop accurate, quality market assessments with our Opec-approved monthly production volume estimates and leverage our status as an official Opec Secondary Source
  • Predict what move to make next with our unique market perspectives derived from our exclusive access to primary sources and active market participants
  • Better understand and interpret the assumptions that support our forecasts with our proprietary Oil Market Analysis Grid, which delivers a comprehensive structure for analyzing global oil markets and crude price formation
  • Make profitable business decisions by relying on an independent oil price forecast benchmarked against the IEA, the EIA and Opec
  • Calibrate forecasts and conduct detailed and rigorous statistical analysis, with our extensive crude quality, export and pricing database, covering 200 grades and 45 exporting countries


  • Extensive oil market data sets – supply and demand fundamentals; global crude trade; crude and product global inventories; refining overview; traded crude and oil product prices
  • Daily summary of global oil market news – including the latest developments in Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, the Caspian and Latin America; and specialist jet fuel coverage
  • In-depth analysis of oil market fundamentals – including our proprietary Opec and non-Opec production assessments, with benchmarking against key agency balances and forecasts, plus crude oil loadings, US imports and exports, Chinese demand and global inventories
  • Analysis of price trends and differentials for the world's major crude grades, plus refinery margins and netbacks
  • Weekly Monitor – a weekly report outlining our views on the latest movements in global oil markets, incorporating our proprietary Oil Market Analysis Grid
  • Monthly and Annual Outlook Reports – including our oil price forecasts, changes to near-term supply, demand and prices, upcoming trends and a broader look at the longer-term market dynamics
  • Direct access to our oil markets analysts, editors and data team through one-to-one discussions, regular private briefings, monthly video on demand updates and bespoke quarterly executive briefings

The Energy Intelligence Difference

  1. Our unique and actionable oil market intelligence is based on a wide range of primary sources, which gives clients a competitive edge and helps them leverage shifting market dynamics
  2. Our robust, independent fundamentals data, which is quality controlled and sense checked against internal and external authorities, helps clients make smarter investment decisions
  3. Our status as an official Opec Secondary Source for monthly crude production volumes, gives clients added confidence when using our data, reporting and analysis
  4. Our sophisticated price formation analysis, based on our proprietary Oil Market Analysis Grid, incorporates geopolitical and macro drivers to deliver a comprehensive and reliable price forecast

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Our experts are experienced in oil markets analysis, trading, investment and forecasting, and have worked as energy sector investors, sell-side equity researchers, and commodity analysts on Wall St, as well as holding senior roles in government energy departments, and leadership positions in the IEA.
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