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Granular data and expert analysis of key oil market issues

Stay ahead of the competition with our data-driven oil markets reporting, focused analysis and immediate critical insights into how your business will be affected. Traders, analysts and major industry players see the hard data driving market movements, and use our detailed data and analysis on key market issues to make profitable business decisions.


  • In-depth analysis of oil market fundamentals and the implications of the latest market movements
  • Detailed analysis of proprietary and other data, including Opec production, crude oil loadings, US imports and exports, Chinese demand and global inventories
  • Monthly Opec production assessments from Energy Intelligence, which is a secondary source for Opec
  • Global crude oil supply and demand balances, with Energy Intelligence numbers benchmarked against other key sources
  • Russian/former Soviet Union seaborne exports and loading schedules
  • West African-loading schedules, prices and fundamentals
  • Iraqi-loading schedules
  • North Sea-loading schedules
  • Chinese oil demand and imports
  • US crude import and refined product export analysis

Our granular data and analysis of key oil market issues are available through the Oil Markets Service.

The Oil Markets Service delivers news, data, analysis and research to help you understand the critical next 10 years of the oil industry. No other company combines such direct and close access to oil market decision-makers with strategic oil fundamentals and price analytics.

What's included in our oil markets coverage?
  • Granular data on oil export flows
  • Opec-plus compliance
  • IEA, EIA and Opec forecast comparisons
  • Oil market fundamentals
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