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In-depth, independent analysis and data on oil market fundamentals

Anticipate the direction of the oil market and respond quickly to shifting dynamics, with a combination of objective analysis and up-to-the-minute data on oil prices and fundamentals. Analysts, industry executives and financial firms stay ahead of the market as we identify key trends, based on our forward-looking quantitative and qualitative analysis of crude oil and refined products, and their interaction with geopolitics and the financial markets.


  • Global inventories – detailed assessment of crude and product stocks using our unique methodology for calculating observed global inventories
  • Oil demand – the trends in global oil demand and product details at the country level
  • Oil supply – assessments of monthly wellhead production by country, with extensive background data at the subnational level
  • Supply/demand balance – overview and forecast of global oil supply and demand, and their impact on global inventories
  • Opec-plus supply – an assessment of production and politics of the key group of producers. Energy Intelligence is a secondary source for Opec on oil production
  • Crude oil markets – explanations of trends in prices and differentials for the world's major crude grades, examining both global and regional relationships and flows
  • Refinery economics – a global look at refinery economics and activity, including netback values and margins for key crudes
  • Regional products markets – in-depth surveys of finished products markets in Asia, Europe and North America

Our monthly analysis and data on oil market fundamentals is available through the Oil Markets Service.

The Oil Markets Service delivers news, data, analysis and research to help you understand the critical next 10 years of the oil industry. No other company combines such direct and close access to oil market decision-makers with strategic oil fundamentals and price analytics.

What's included in our oil markets coverage?
  • Strategic overview of global oil trends
  • Country and regional data
  • Analysis on how markets interact
  • Tables and graphs on prices and fundamentals
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