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Actionable crude fundamentals and market data

Identify trading patterns and perform political analysis with our global supply and demand, inventories, prices and refinery runs data. Energy companies, financial institutions and key industry players develop robust pricing and make profitable business decisions by accessing more than 500 time series with over 75,000 separate data points extending back to 1978.


  • Monthly global supply and demand
    • Global supply and demand balance forecasting with future outlook up to one year
    • Global oil supply and demand by country, region and organization
    • Major refined product demand by country and product
  • Monthly crude oil and product prices
    • Key benchmark crude oil spot prices, crude spreads and crack spreads
    • Crude oil spot prices for 40 current and over 60 historical grades
    • Crude oil term prices for various crude oil grades by region, delivered and f.o.b.
    • Refined product prices and futures for key North American, European and Asia-Pacific markets
  • Monthly crude and product global inventories
    • Oil and product inventories by region and category along with Days’ supply for crude and major products for OECD and non-OECD regions
    • Detailed crude and product inventories for major countries across North America, Asia and Europe
  • Refining
    • Monthly crude oil refinery runs, including volume and utilization rates by key country and region
    • Weekly and monthly gross product worth and margins for key crudes by region and refining process
    • Daily and monthly crude oil loadings for strategic countries and regions

Our oil markets data is also available through the Oil Markets Service.

The Oil Markets Service delivers news, data, analysis and research to help you understand the critical next 10 years of the oil industry. No other company combines such direct and close access to oil market decision-makers with strategic oil fundamentals and price analytics.

What's included in our oil markets data sets?
  • Global supply and demand
  • Global inventories
  • Crude oil and product prices
  • Refinery runs
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