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Daily news and analysis on the energy industry in the Americas

Monitor and understand key developments and trends in the Americas' energy industry with our daily package of news and analysis. Traders, analysts, key industry players and executives stay ahead of the competition with our daily package of oil and natural gas news and analysis, featuring comprehensive coverage of key developments and trends in the US, Canada and Latin America.


  • Insights on how companies, investors and governments in the Americas are approaching the energy transition
  • Analysis of industry-shaping M&A
  • Corporate strategies of key oil and gas companies in the US, Canada and Latin America
  • Market impacts of upstream and downstream developments
  • Detailed analysis of supply and demand trends, trade flows and oil prices
  • Changes in the transportation and refining sectors
  • The evolution of the North American shale sector
  • Political and economic forces shaping the Latin American energy sector
  • The latest political, legislative and regulatory moves targeting the oil and gas industry in the US and beyond
  • How international developments impact the Americas

Our daily summary of energy news from the Americas is available through the Oil Markets Service.

The Oil Markets Service delivers news, data, analysis and research to help you understand the critical next 10 years of the oil industry. No other company combines such direct and close access to oil market decision-makers with strategic oil fundamentals and price analytics.

What's included in our Americas energy news coverage?
  • Upstream news and analysis
  • Transportation and refining
  • Energy transition
  • US energy policy
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