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News and analysis on Russia, the FSU and Eastern Europe

Understand one of the most active and rapidly evolving energy markets with industry-leading news and analysis from Russia, the former Soviet Union (FSU) and Eastern Europe. Analysts, traders and key industry players stay ahead of the competition with our essential insights on behind-the-scenes developments in the region.


  • Analysis of upstream and downstream projects in Russia, including new Arctic plays
  • Major developments in the Caspian and Central Asia, with a special focus on Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • Meeting natural gas and LNG demand from Europe and Asia
  • Changing strategies to meet the challenges of the energy transition
  • Key regional market trends and competitor activity
  • Financial highlights, including taxation, initial public offerings, M&A and corporate results
  • Geopolitical insights – keeping up with the Kremlin on sanctions, Opec, the US, China, the EU, the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world
  • Incisive data on crude oil and natural gas production/exports, refinery activity and next-month crude-loading programs from key ports
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What's included in our Russian and Eastern European coverage?
  • Analysis on Russia and the Caspian
  • Upstream and downstream projects
  • Regional political developments
  • Energy transition challenges
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  • After initial hesitation, Mozambique is embracing international military intervention to tackle the ongoing insurgency in Cabo Delgado that is jeopardizing its LNG aspirations. The intervention is having an immediate impact with large swaths of territory recaptured, but security risks will remain elevated as rebels head for the forest, possibly preparing for a protracted guerilla campaign. If the government can hold onto its gains and the improved security environment proves durable, it will likely pave the way for work on critical LNG projects to resume. Risk Research improved Mozambique’s Country Risk Index Security score from 9 to 8 to reflect these developments; further upgrades are possible in the future if these gains prove sustainable.
    Wed, Sep 1, 2021
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