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FERC-approved gas prices for over 200 hubs, regions and composites

Access reliable daily and weekly prices from our natural gas price reports, gas storage, production, weather and pipeline operations data. Gas traders, utilities, marketers and pipeline operators inform their analysis and make better trading decisions, with a trusted, independent data source which includes more than 300 data series with over 200 published prices and composites, extending back to 1993.


  • Spot price data sets – price indexes at over 125 points across North America, including major hubs and niche trading points
  • Market composite prices – comprehensive and representative pricing at 75+ national and regional composites, including wellhead, delivery, pipeline, city gates and differentials
  • Comparative fuels – analyzing the equivalent cost of natural gas versus competing fuels by region to help identify the most cost-effective fuel sources
  • Canadian prices – available by point and region, in both US and Canadian units and currencies
  • Nuclear and renewable generation and gas equivalence – daily charts displaying actual and offline generation, along with the impact on natural gas demand
  • Weather – current weather data, including temperature, cloud cover and wind speed, as well as degree days for 14 major US metropolitan areas
  • Other market fundamentals – including pipelines' critical notices, storage levels, rig counts, forwards, futures, power prices, spark spreads and marginal heat rates
  • Direct access to our experts with one-to-one Q&A by phone and email
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What's included in our natural gas data sets?
  • 125 North American price indexes
  • 75+ market composite prices
  • Comparative fuel reports
  • Storage, generation, futures and other essential market fundamentals
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  • This month, we highlight our latest semiannual long-term LNG supply/demand outlook. It shows consistent demand growth drivers but greater supply risks. Then, we turn our focus to two recent M&A announcements—Santos merger with Oil Search and Woodside’s acquisition of BHP’s oil and gas assets—and highlight likely LNG supply growth areas while noting the risks associated with these deals.
    Fri, Sep 10, 2021
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