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Context, analysis and insights on the global LNG market

Navigate the rapidly evolving global LNG markets, with daily news, independent analysis and data that put the entire LNG cycle – from production to delivery – into context. Suppliers, exporters/importers, traders and investors use our insights to anticipate changing financial realities and take advantage of evolving opportunities.


  • LNG project intelligence, including details on finance, exploration, new points of production and innovations in technology
  • Global gas market fundamentals, global LNG production, new supply timelines, transportation infrastructure and intelligence on offtakers
  • Insider analysis of regulatory issues enabling you to stay one step ahead of policy changes
  • Analysis of the political drivers, security issues and supply and demand fundamentals affecting global LNG markets
  • Project finance details to track tomorrow’s trading opportunities
  • Global netback values highlighting global LNG arbitrage opportunities

Our LNG coverage is available through the Global LNG Service.

The Global LNG Service delivers a comprehensive package of news, data, analysis and research to help you understand global LNG market dynamics in the near, medium and long term.

What's included in our LNG coverage?
  • Global LNG news
  • Demand and supply trends
  • Impact of changing energy policies
  • Project updates
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  • Lessons from European gas inventory dynamics in 2022 provide important insight into rebuilding storage in 2023. Still, several categories of policy remedies intended to lower the gas price burden for European consumers loom large, reflecting shifting longer-term priorities. While the region continues to look toward the Eastern Mediterranean for gas supply, it could be Egyptian fiscal challenges that help keep the country's LNG exports elevated in the near term.
    Tue, Nov 22, 2022
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