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Comparative performance assessments of the world’s leading oil and gas companies

Analyze, compare and manipulate operational and financial data covering the world’s 100 biggest national and international oil companies, and downstream and gas-focused players.

The Energy Intelligence Top 100 is the interactive tool analysts, executives and strategists rely on to efficiently run comparative performance assessments across peer groups, geographies and segments.

Learn more about the Top 100 by downloading the key findings from the 2023 edition:


Key Features Include:

  • Time series comparison of Financial, Upstream and Downstream metrics and indicators
  • Comparison by peer groups: Downstream Focused Player, Gas Focused Player, Independent E&P, NOC Resource Holder, NOC Resource Seeker, Regional Integrated, Sovereign Wealth Fund, Supermajor
  • Exclusive and hard to find data — including data time series to understand a company’s evolution over time — in a truly interactive format
  • Interactive and customizable chart and report creation for quick visual analysis
  • Easy company comparisons using an extensive range of data points (over 70 individual factors)
    Seamless integration between Energy Intelligence content* and the data analytics

Available Downloads

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The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings is available through the Competitive Intelligence Service, which provides forward-looking analysis, peer-group benchmarking, and insights on corporate strategies. We deliver a combination of news, analysis, data and research to help you benchmark your position against peers, competitors and partners, and manage shareholder expectations.

What's included in our ranking of the biggest oil and gas companies?
  • Annual ranking
  • Executive summary report
  • Oil company operational and financial data
  • Peer group comparisons
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