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Critical analysis, actionable insights and direct market data on the global LNG industry

Understand the near-, medium- and long-term global LNG market dynamics with our comprehensive package of news, analysis, data and research. The Global LNG Service helps traders, analysts and key industry players understand how the global LNG landscape is changing, at a time where energy transition developments dominate the industry.

We combine robust market outlooks, independent LNG assessments and access to our experts to deliver a comprehensive view of the global LNG trade and serve as an extension of your analytical team.

Our collaborative approach draws on expertise from across Energy Intelligence’s universe to identify opportunities and risks, and deliver critical insights into LNG market movements.


  • Strategize effectively by stress-testing in-house assumptions with our holistic outlooks, which utilize oil market, corporate, country risk and energy transition intelligence
  • Make better trading decisions using our near-term news and analysis (zero to three-month window), to respond profitably to an increasingly liquid LNG market
  • Monitor and respond to partner and competitor movements (three to 18-month window) with our analytical assessments, data benchmarks and supply, demand and price forecasts
  • Support your corporate strategic planning with our medium-term macro outlooks, scenarios and strategic trends (18 to 60-month window)
  • Negotiate better LNG contracts using proprietary term and spot price forecasts supported by a robust methodology
  • Tackle your unique business challenges with the help of our experts, who act as an extension of your analytical team


  • Daily news and weekly contextual analysis on the entire natural gas value chain, from production to delivery
  • LNG Supply/Demand Update to 2035 – a twice-yearly report and data featuring our bottom-up, country-by-country analysis
  • LNG Market Evolution Quarterly – a report featuring our price forecast, contracting trends and essential trade dynamics
  • Critical Trends – a monthly report which highlights our view on strategic issues and developments, and analyzes their implications for the industry
  • LNG project update – a twice-yearly report presenting the conclusions and outlook from our project database update
  • Robust data sets and forecasts, including:

    • Key oil, gas and LNG benchmark price forecasts
    • Long-term supply/demand forecasts
    • Proprietary spot assessments and key exporter netbacks
    • Key hub prices
    • Monthly volumes and landed prices for top markets
  • Direct access to our LNG experts, with regular private briefings and one-to-one Q&A by phone and email

The Energy Intelligence Difference

  1. Our collaborative approach informs our proprietary independent market outlook, which reveals drivers and risks from beyond the LNG trade
  2. Our unique market intelligence, which is based on a wide range of primary sources, helps clients monitor key developments in the fast-moving global LNG market by delivering insights unavailable to others
  3. Our actionable insights, focusing on the zero to 60-month window, expose blind spots that help clients capture market opportunities, negotiate better deals and deliver growth
  4. Our trusted guidance helps clients make informed business decisions at a time of uncertainty through a series of regular briefings and frequent communication with our experts

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What's included in the Global LNG Service?
  • News
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Data
  • Access to experts
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  • The European gas market remains on edge. Prospects for ongoing and deeper gas supply disruption ahead of winter will remain supportive for prices, even if Nord Stream flows return to normal. In the US, the Freeport LNG outage remains small relative to Nord Stream volumes, and the impact on Europe could be offset. Atlantic Canada LNG project proposals are receiving more attention in this fraught environment, but the ingredients for venture advancement have yet to materialize.
    Mon, Jul 18, 2022
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