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Daily pricing, forecasts and analysis on the North American gas markets

Navigate the natural gas market, with our pricing forecasts and detailed view of the most important pricing points for natural gas and electric power in the US and Canada. Gas market buyers and sellers, major end-users and analysts stay on top of key pricing events, with our quick market intelligence on same-day trading, monthly bidweek reports, previews and results of weekly storage data, short-term weather forecasts, as well as news briefs on what’s affecting the natural gas industry.


  • North American spot gas prices for 100+ key gas points
  • Regional weighted averages for North America’s production and market areas
  • Prompt-month gas forwards and natural gas futures results
  • Fuel competition, summarizing how natural gas stacks up against its major competitors, Btu for Btu
  • Spot cash electricity prices, and gas, power prices and spark spreads at major hubs
  • Gas needed to replace offline nuclear capacity, by region
  • Degree days, aggregating weather-driven demand trends in key US population centers
  • Wind and solar reports, tracking the daily gas equivalence in California and Texas

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What's included in our North American gas and electric power coverage?
  • Gas and electric power trading results
  • Analysis of gas sector trends
  • Competing fuels' prices vs. gas
  • Renewable energy competition
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  • Lessons from European gas inventory dynamics in 2022 provide important insight into rebuilding storage in 2023. Still, several categories of policy remedies intended to lower the gas price burden for European consumers loom large, reflecting shifting longer-term priorities. While the region continues to look toward the Eastern Mediterranean for gas supply, it could be Egyptian fiscal challenges that help keep the country's LNG exports elevated in the near term.
    Tue, Nov 22, 2022
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