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Phil Chaffee

Editor, Nuclear Intelligence Weekly and London Bureau Chief

About Phil

PHILIP CHAFFEE is the Editor of Nuclear Intelligence Weekly and the Bureau Chief for Energy Intelligence's London office.

Phil has been working for Energy Intelligence since 2006, where he started off in the Research & Advisory division contributing to the Crude Oil Handbook. In 2007, he was involved in helping launch the publication that became Nuclear Intelligence Weekly (NIW), first as the Market Reporter focused on the nuclear fuel markets. In that role he helped launch Energy Intelligence's Uranium Price Panel, which provides a weekly objective assessment of the uranium spot price.

Phil became editor of NIW in January 2023, following 14 years as deputy editor. In that position Phil helped expand its coverage of the nuclear industry in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As both a reporter and and editor Phil has been involved in covering some of the biggest stories in the nuclear industry over the past decades: the 2009 scandal that brought down the leadership of Kazatomprom, the 2011 Fukushima crisis, the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and its subsequent collapse, the bankruptcy and sale of Westinghouse, the shift from an industry centered in Europe and the US to one centered in Russia and China, and the current renewed global focus on nuclear as a source of both low-carbon energy and energy security.

Phil holds a BA degree in Middle Eastern studies from Brown University and an MS degree in journalism from Columbia University.