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  • The Ukraine conflict and energy crisis have impacted the energy transition, but not derailed it, as shown by Energy Intelligence’s latest scenario analysis. The likelihood of our core Accelerate scenario rises slightly, with growing momentum, despite ongoing headwinds. Of our other scenarios, an even faster transition remains more likely than a slower one. This report analyses the many drivers shaping the pace and direction of the energy transition – and the probabilities of different scenarios playing out. In focus is technology deployment, which now has the most impact, and also policy direction, which remains critical, although some signals are mixed. Even on its current, more modest trajectory, the energy transition is set to be uneven and untidy, with deep geographical differences, dynamics that ebb and flow, and potential pressures for more drastic action.
    Mon, Dec 19, 2022
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Our experts' track record of identifying and analyzing emerging trends – such as the rise of electric vehicles, mounting ESG pressures and gas’ uncertain role – typically before they become mainstream, helps our clients anticipate changing customer demands.
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