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Independent, predictive analysis on the energy transition

Access industry-leading predictive analysis across four core aspects of the energy transition: corporate comparative analysis, producing country and NOC analysis, energy transition market dynamics and energy transition macro analysis. Energy firms, investors and governments fortify their strategies with our insights into energy transition trends and regular client briefings, which allow us to serve as an extension of our clients' analytical teams.

Our experts are also available for bespoke consulting projects on the energy transition.


  • Vulnerability Index – twice-annual assessment of major companies’ vulnerability and adaptability to climate risks and the energy transition, with a focus on our view of a company’s resilience to the energy transition, rather than the ESG standards set by investors
  • ESG Climate Risk Benchmark – twice-annual assessment of major companies’ responses to investor pressures related to climate risks, with a focus on the near-term actions needed to meet current investor requirements on ESG performance related to climate risk
  • Low-Carbon Investment Tracker – quarterly assessment of major companies’ investment and M&A activity in low-carbon solutions and how these moves fit in their low-carbon strategies
  • Market Dynamics Reports – analysis of oil and gas demand risks and interfuel competition in key segments
  • Producing country & NOC analysis – quarterly assessments of major oil and gas producers’ resilience and efforts to adapt their economies, energy sectors and state companies
  • Macro Outlook Report – twice-annual global outlook charting the trajectory of the energy transition and the key dynamics and drivers
  • Direct access to our experts with regular private briefings and one-to-one Q&A by phone and email; enhanced access includes bespoke structured workshops

Our energy transition research is available through the Energy Transition Service.

The Energy Transition Service delivers a comprehensive package of news, data, analysis and research, to help you navigate the major risks tied to the rapidly shifting energy landscape.

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What's included in our energy transition research?
  • Corporate comparative analysis
  • Producing country & NOC analysis
  • Energy transition market dynamics
  • Energy transition macro analysis
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  • Our latest ESG Climate Risk Benchmark report shows that companies are continuing to step up action, but that investor demands are also escalating. We have adjusted our methodology in response to evolving investor priorities, which are increasingly focused on corporate commitments to long-term and intermediate emissions-reduction goals. Even with these adjustments in our methodology, general peer group trends are largely unchanged from the last benchmark report. European firms dominate the top tier, while less engaged NOCs are concentrated toward the bottom of the ranking. Independents and US majors fill out the middle tier. Yet some companies made marked improvements. Ecopetrol, for example, jumped eight spots to 14th of 27, after announcing net-zero Scopes 1 and 2 emissions goals. Indeed, a growing number of companies have set net-zero Scopes 1 and 2 targets – and we expect more announcements to follow in 2021-22, from US majors, independents and some NOCs.
    Mon, Aug 30, 2021
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