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Guiding the energy industry through the low-carbon transition

Navigate the major risks linked to the rapidly shifting energy landscape with our integrated package of news, analysis, research and data on the energy transition. The Energy Transition Service helps energy firms, investors and governments understand how the low-carbon energy transition is unfolding, with a focus on key technologies, costs, market developments and policy drivers.

We combine actionable intelligence, predictive analysis and direct access to our experts to deliver a comprehensive view of the energy transition and serve as an extension of your analytical team.

Our project databases and proprietary models help companies sharpen their strategic outlook and compare their evolving responses against their peers. Key elements include: tracking low-carbon investments, analysis of levelized electricity costs and assessment of clean hydrogen costs.


  • Stay on top of the transition’s fast-evolving trajectory, identifying key shifts and emerging trends ahead of competitors
  • Separate opportunities from threats with our cost models, project databases, and extensive industry and market coverage, which tracks emerging technologies in transportation, renewable power generation, electricity storage and decarbonization
  • Strengthen and stress-test your corporate strategy against the strains of the emerging low-carbon energy system with Energy Intelligence’s Low-Carbon Investment Tracker and Technology Monitor reports
  • Make profitable business decisions by managing shifts in industrial and transport fuel consumption with our analysis of demand risks and interfuel competition
  • Identify and mitigate investment risk by monitoring industry developments with our daily newsfeed on market-moving energy transition trends


  • Daily news and analysis on the global energy transition, decarbonization efforts and the move toward clean energy alternatives in oil and gas, broader industry, transport and power generation, including reporting on the nuclear industry
  • Macro Outlook Report – twice-yearly global outlook on the trajectory of the energy transition and key policy, technology and market dynamics and drivers
  • Low-Carbon Investment Tracker – quarterly assessment of major companies’ investment and M&A activity in low-carbon solutions, and how these moves fit in their low-carbon strategies
  • Technology Monitor – quarterly assessment of key industry technologies, projects, costs and policy drivers, backed by ongoing weekly coverage
  • Energy Cost Report – twice-yearly, forward-looking comparison of renewable and conventional power generation on a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) basis
  • Data sets – LCOE trends; break-even prices and fuel-switching thresholds; electric vehicle trends in China, Europe and the US; carbon, coal, renewable generation and biofuel prices; hydrogen production cost assessments
  • Direct access to our experts with regular private briefings and one-to-one Q&A by phone and email; enhanced access includes bespoke structured workshops

The Energy Intelligence Difference

  1. Our actionable intelligence is based on a wide range of primary sources and helps clients closely monitor key developments in the energy transition and make informed business decisions
  2. Our proprietary models and project databases are uniquely positioned to help companies sharpen their strategic outlook, understand the risks they face and compare their strategic responses with those of their peers
  3. Our trusted guidance helps clients bolster their strategic planning at a time of disruptive change through a series of regular briefings and frequent communication with our experts
  4. Our ability to identify emerging trends – such as the trajectory of electric vehicles, evolving ESG pressures and gas’ changing role – typically before they become mainstream, helps clients anticipate changing investor, government and customer demands

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What's included in the Energy Transition Service?
  • News & Analysis
  • Research
  • Data
  • Access to experts
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Our experts' track record of identifying and analyzing emerging trends – such as the rise of electric vehicles, mounting ESG pressures and gas’ uncertain role – typically before they become mainstream, helps our clients anticipate changing customer demands.
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