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Guiding the energy industry through the low-carbon transition

Navigate the major risks tied to the rapidly shifting energy landscape with our integrated package of news, data, research and guidance on the energy transition. The Energy Transition Service helps energy firms, investors and governments understand how the low-carbon energy transition is unfolding and which companies and countries are best placed to survive and adapt.

We combine actionable intelligence, predictive analysis and direct access to our experts to deliver a comprehensive view of the energy transition and serve as an extension of your analytical team.

Our proprietary corporate benchmarks are uniquely positioned to help companies understand the energy transition pressures and risks they face and how their strategies compare in three key dimensions: ESG climate risk; portfolio and strategic vulnerabilities; and low-carbon investments.


  • Attract investment from an ESG-conscious financial community by leveraging Energy Intelligence’s proprietary ESG Climate Risk benchmark to stay ahead of the competition
  • Strengthen and stress-test your corporate strategy and asset portfolios against the pressures of the emerging low-carbon energy system with Energy Intelligence’s proprietary Vulnerability Index
  • Make profitable business decisions by managing fluctuations in industrial and transport fuel demand with our analysis of demand risks and interfuel competition
  • Identify and mitigate investment risk by monitoring industry developments with our weekly newsfeed on market-moving energy transition trends
  • Separate opportunities from threats with our regular market coverage, which identifies emerging technologies in transportation, renewable power generation, electricity storage and decarbonization


  • Weekly news and analysis on the global energy transition, decarbonization efforts and the move toward clean energy alternatives in industry, transport and power generation, including reporting on the nuclear industry
  • Vulnerability Index – twice-yearly assessment of major companies’ vulnerability and adaptability to climate risks and the energy transition
  • ESG Climate Risk Benchmark – twice-yearly assessment of major companies’ responses to investor pressures related to climate risks
  • Low-Carbon Investment Tracker – quarterly assessment of major companies’ investment and M&A activity in low-carbon solutions, and how these moves fit in their low-carbon strategies
  • Macro Outlook Report – twice-yearly global outlook on the trajectory of the energy transition and key policy, technology and market dynamics and drivers
  • Producing country and national oil company analysis – quarterly assessments of major oil and gas producers’ resilience and efforts to adapt their economies, energy sectors and state companies
  • Energy Cost Report – twice-yearly, forward-looking comparison of renewable energy technologies and conventional technologies on a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) basis
  • Data sets – LCOE trends; break-even prices and fuel-switching thresholds; electric vehicle trends in China, Europe and the US; carbon, coal, renewable generation and biofuel prices
  • Direct access to our experts with regular private briefings and one-to-one Q&A by phone and email; enhanced access includes bespoke structured workshops

The Energy Intelligence Difference

  1. Our actionable intelligence is based on a wide range of primary sources and helps clients closely monitor key developments in the energy transition and make informed business decisions
  2. Our proprietary corporate benchmarks are uniquely positioned to help companies understand the risks they face and compare their strategic response with that of their peers
  3. Our trusted guidance helps clients fortify their strategic planning at a time of disruptive change through a series of regular briefings and frequent communication with our experts
  4. Our ability to identify emerging trends – such as the rise of electric vehicles, mounting ESG pressures and gas’ uncertain role – typically before they become mainstream, helps clients anticipate changing customer demands

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  • Data
  • Access to experts
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  • Our latest ESG Climate Risk Benchmark report shows that companies are continuing to step up action, but that investor demands are also escalating. We have adjusted our methodology in response to evolving investor priorities, which are increasingly focused on corporate commitments to long-term and intermediate emissions-reduction goals. Even with these adjustments in our methodology, general peer group trends are largely unchanged from the last benchmark report. European firms dominate the top tier, while less engaged NOCs are concentrated toward the bottom of the ranking. Independents and US majors fill out the middle tier. Yet some companies made marked improvements. Ecopetrol, for example, jumped eight spots to 14th of 27, after announcing net-zero Scopes 1 and 2 emissions goals. Indeed, a growing number of companies have set net-zero Scopes 1 and 2 targets – and we expect more announcements to follow in 2021-22, from US majors, independents and some NOCs.
    Mon, Aug 30, 2021
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Our experts' track record of identifying and analyzing emerging trends – such as the rise of electric vehicles, mounting ESG pressures and gas’ uncertain role – typically before they become mainstream, helps our clients anticipate changing customer demands.
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