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Curated news and analysis on the issues shaping the global energy landscape

Track and understand key developments across the global energy markets, with our highly focused news, incisive analysis and differentiated insights. Energy Intelligence Premium helps investors, financiers and key industry players understand what’s moving the energy markets, with our daily high-level overview of essential news and our weekly deep-dive memo on emerging trends.

The service curates and presents the day’s top stories covering oil markets, natural gas, LNG, commodities, energy transition, corporate analysis, and geopolitics. For the weekly memos, our team of experts identify and analyze industry trends, and break down key considerations to deliver thought-provoking insights that inform our clients’ decision-making. A collection of complimentary research reports provides further analytical depth.

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  • Save time and get straight to the point, with our expertly curated daily content, and insightful reports on the critical issues in the energy industry you need to know about
  • Shape and refine your strategic outlook with our original insights, drawn from a wide network of primary industry sources, to gain a competitive advantage
  • Get an insider’s view into what our analysts are watching through our exclusive weekly memos, which identify, explain and analyze underappreciated risks
  • Understand critical connections across the energy value chain with our integrated analysis, which extends across geopolitical, commercial and market issues
  • Identify opportunities in new and evolving markets with our international coverage, which provides a 360-degree view of developments from across the global energy landscape


  • Essential news and analysis highlights covering:

    • Global oil markets, including the latest developments in the Americas, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and Asia
    • Global gas news, market trends and LNG intelligence, including details on new production capacity, and analysis of key corporate and commercial dynamics
    • Oil and gas corporate strategies, including key announcements, partnerships, and investment decisions
    • The low-carbon energy transition, covering policy and regulations, strategy and finance, technology and industry solutions
    • The latest geopolitical developments, and political and regulatory moves impacting the oil and gas industry in the US and worldwide
  • Energy Intelligence Premium is also available via WhatsApp alerts
  • Direct access to our experts with one-to-one Q&A by phone and email; private briefings are also available

    The Energy Intelligence Difference

    1. Our actionable intelligence, which is based on a wide range of primary sources, helps clients closely monitor key developments across the global energy landscape and make informed business decisions.

    2. Our status as an official Opec Secondary Source for monthly crude production volumes, gives clients added confidence when using our reporting and analysis.

    3. Our ability to identify emerging trends – such as the falling costs of critical low-carbon technologies, fundamental shifts in Middle East geopolitics, and the emergence of a more flexible global LNG market – often before they become mainstream, helps clients anticipate changing customer demands.

    4. Our global, collaborative approach reveals market drivers and risks from across the energy value chain by delivering an integrated view of oil markets, LNG, competitive intelligence, risk and energy transition.

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    What's included in Energy Intelligence Premium?
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    • Data
    • Access to experts
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    Our experts' collaborative approach reveals market drivers and risks from across the energy value chain, helping clients understand what’s moving the energy markets and how best to capitalize on emerging trends.
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