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Actionable corporate analysis and insights on the world’s top oil and gas companies

Track and understand the implications of significant corporate developments across the energy industry, with our incisive contextual analysis. Analysts, traders and key industry players leverage our insights to make better investment decisions, with our succinct and actionable information centered around 36 of the world’s biggest international oil companies (IOCs), national oil companies (NOCs) and independents.


  • Corporate Strategy – enterprise- and segment-level producer strategies
  • Peer Group Strategy – strategic trends across the majors, key NOCs, regional integrateds and independent E&Ps
  • M&A – strategy-led coverage of both corporate deals and asset transactions
  • ESG – evolution of environmental, social and governance pressures on oil and gas sector strategies; shareholder activism
  • Capital Markets – key trends in energy equity and debt markets
  • Earnings – corporate financial performance
  • Capital Investment – industry- and company-level spending trends; project FIDs
  • Interviews – Q&As with key strategic decision-makers
  • EIF Global Index – a market capitalization-weighted index, tracking 18 of the leading global integrated producers
  • Additional market capitalization-weighted indexes, which track the group performance of key listed NOCs, majors, regional integrateds, global independents, refiners, oil-field services and midstream firms

Our competitive intelligence analysis is available through the Competitive Intelligence Service.

The Competitive Intelligence Service provides concise strategy assessments, ongoing news, analysis and data on the world’s top oil and gas companies.

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What’s included in our corporate analysis?
  • In-depth company strategies
  • Peer group comparisons
  • Contextual analysis of emerging trends
  • Impact of industry-wide developments
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  • Large resource holders, Brazil and Angola, are advancing new exploration opportunities, mindful of the race to develop oil and gas resources ahead of energy transition impacts. New additions to the quarterly Resource Access Monitor continue the trend of improving terms or investment conditions for exploration acreage offers.
    Wed, Sep 22, 2021
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