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Energy Intelligence 2023 Outlook

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A Year of Risk

In the sixth annual Energy Intelligence Outlook, we expect this to be another year of geopolitical turmoil for the energy industry, as the Ukraine war reshapes oil and gas markets, and security and climate compete as priorities for governments, companies and society.

At times of such turmoil, reliable information and intelligent analysis are vital. Energy Intelligence prides itself on providing this essential service through our integrated team of journalists, research analysts and data specialists.

Energy security and affordability are thrust back to the fore, with oil and gas supplies politicized and trade flows reconfigured. Producer-consumer relations, strained by the energy transition, are being tested further, and geopolitical relationships – between Russia and China, and Saudi Arabia and the US, for example – are impacted.

Markets will remain volatile. Europe, Asia and others must navigate the shake-up of international gas pipeline and LNG trade. Oil markets will see the overhaul and possible disruption of Russian exports and deep uncertainty over demand in China and the world, as recession looms.

Climate will also shape the agenda. The low-carbon transition still has momentum from technology advances, supportive policies, and alignment between security and renewables in consumer regions. Ultimately, we expect the Ukraine crisis to underscore the transition’s untidy trajectory, with an uneven pace and regional differences, rather than derail it.

Our long-standing strength in energy geopolitics has proved invaluable over the past year, complementing our other core strengths in oil markets, gas and LNG, the energy transition and competitive intelligence. This 38-page Outlook provides a broad outline of our thinking on these areas for the year ahead.

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