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Energy Intelligence 2022 Outlook

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A Turbulent Year Ahead

In the fifth annual Energy Intelligence Outlook we expect this to be another turbulent year for the energy industry, as it navigates the colliding pressures of a post-pandemic economic rebound, an accelerating energy transition, and still-robust oil and gas demand.

Structural change looks faster and bumpier than many anticipated. True, the low-carbon transition is now widely accepted by the industry, and the massive market disruptions of Covid-19 are starting to settle. But it’s also become clear that moving the world’s energy system from fossil fuels to lower-carbon forms is a massive undertaking that will be impossible to choreograph perfectly.

This 34-page Outlook report, and the deeper analysis behind it, aims to bring clarity to the sometimes-bewildering developments, by providing important context and pointers, to help you navigate your energy world.

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