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Comprehensive data on comparative energy costs, renewables, carbon and biofuels

Follow major trends in the global renewables power sector with our energy transition data, which provides a wealth of market-oriented data on comparative energy costs, renewable energy, carbon and biofuels. Banks, consulting firms, oil companies and key market participants make actionable comparisons across technologies and regions to effectively inform their business strategy.


  • Comparative power generation costs for eight forms of renewable energy, four forms of fossil fuel energy, and nuclear power
  • Carbon and natural gas prices for fuel switching and renewable energy parity
  • Power generation by source across a range of OECD and non-OECD countries
  • Biofuel prices and market fundamentals
  • Global carbon prices
  • Electricity prices from around the world
  • Track market performance of clean energy versus other equity classes
  • Data is backdated to at least 2010 and in some cases as far as 2000
  • Data source can be downloaded and customized by the user

Our energy transition data is also available through the Energy Transition Service.

The Energy Transition Service delivers a comprehensive package of news, data, analysis and research to help you navigate the major risks tied to the rapidly shifting energy landscape.

What is included in our energy transition data sets?
  • Power generation costs
  • Fuel switching
  • Renewable energy parity
  • Global carbon prices

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  • Announced low-carbon spending in Q3’22 fell sharply to $9 billion, yet 2022 overall still shows growth over 2021, with $70 billion in investments unveiled in the first three quarters. The latest data from Energy Intelligence's Low-Carbon Investment Tracker, accompanying the recently-published report, covers investments, acquisitions and initiatives announced or approved up to Q3’22, and now includes a “status” field for all tracked items.
    Mon, Nov 21, 2022
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