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Forward-looking analysis, peer-group benchmarking and insights on corporate strategies

The Competitive Intelligence Service is a go-to resource for both the C-suite, strategy planners, competitor analysts and business development teams seeking to understand and contextualize the ever-evolving corporate strategies of the world’s top oil and gas companies.

Our service covers the full value chain, but with an emphasis on how the low-carbon energy transition is informing every aspect of corporate decision-making. Included in this is our proprietary Transition Strategy Index, which provides a structured benchmarking assessment of the wide spectrum of strategies and priorities for the energy transition.

The Competitive Intelligence Service combines corporate news, analysis, research and data from across the Energy Intelligence universe and allows you to easily integrate our offerings into existing workflows, via our customizable Analyst Dashboard and tailored e-mail alerts.


  • We connect the dots. Energy Intelligence uniquely delivers qualitative analysis that connect the dots around what is driving a company to take a strategic decision and how strategies compare across peer groups and the industry at large. As producer strategies increasingly diverge, this type of intelligence is more important than ever.
  • We are a part of, but sit apart from, the industry. Our team is not comprised of armchair analysts: we talk to the industry. We know the industry. We are experts in the industry. We understand how companies are thinking because we talk to senior executives and high-level officials to get the inside perspective. Combined with our independence, this inside view enables us to deliver unique insights.
  • We take a differentiated approach to benchmarking. Our proprietary Transition Strategy Index is not a conventional ranking. It is a tool to capture and compare the diverse range of energy transition strategies major oil and gas companies are pursuing – providing a quantitative resource for evaluating yourself, your peers and your competitors.
  • We are experts across the oil and gas competitive landscape. Unlike others, we don’t limit our competitive intelligence to publicly traded Western producers. We also deliver the same inside-track, bottom-up insights on major NOCs and more obscure regionalized peer groups, thanks to our well-sourced reporters and analysts in key producing regions.


  • Continuous analysis of corporate strategies across the entire value chain — upstream, downstream, LNG and energy transition.
  • Comparative benchmarking tools, including our Transition Strategy Index, Top 100 ranking, Corporate Emissions Monitor and peer group equity indexes, with quick access points to key operational and financial data.
  • Customized company alerts and a customizable Analyst Dashboard, which aggregates news, analysis, research and data on core oil and gas producers from across the Energy Intelligence universe.
  • Strategy-driven assessments that contextualize top-line corporate decision-making, as well as key trends in mergers and acquisitions, upstream bid rounds and direct negotiations, and corporate emissions management.
  • Actionable intelligence that clients can access via formal briefings and frequent communication with our experts, helping you to make informed business decisions.

The Energy Intelligence Difference

  1. We don’t just tell you what your peers and competitors are doing – we tell you why they’re doing it and what to watch for moving forward.  We do this with a particular focus and first-mover expertise in how the low-carbon energy transition is informing crucial corporate decisions across the value chain.
  2. We build our qualitative strategic analysis on bottom-up, inside-track reporting, which grounds and informs our analysis in ways our peers can’t match.
  3. We are unique in integrating ongoing news coverage of key developments in corporate decision-making with deep-dive analysis of strategic thinking, proprietary benchmarking and monitoring of key trends in energy transition strategy,  M&A and resource access, comparative financial and operational data, and direct access to our team of experts.
  4. At a time when corporate analysis providers are consolidating, Energy Intelligence stands apart as an independent provider of forward-looking, strategy-led and actionable competitive intelligence on the world’s biggest oil and gas players. This includes NOCs, an oft-overlooked, but crucial, segment of the competitive landscape, as well as more obscure regionalized peer groups.

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What's included in the Competitive Intelligence Service?
  • Analyst dashboard
  • Data
  • News
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Access to experts
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Our experts’ insights and analysis provide forward-looking, strategy-led competitive intelligence that helps clients fortify their strategic planning at a time of disruptive change.
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