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Energy Intelligence is your essential guide to navigate the changing world of energy

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Energy Intelligence is the leading energy information company. We understand what it takes to bring energy to the world, and have delivered objective reporting and analysis on the sector for over 70 years. Our long history, combined with our team of experts and extensive connections, gives us an unparalleled view on what’s shaping the energy sector.

Whether you specialize in the energy transition, oil markets, LNG, geopolitical risk or competitive intelligence, we tailor our news, analysis, research and data to fit your business – we call this tailored intelligence.

We deliver expertise that you can’t get anywhere else. Our global reach and ability to speak with decision-makers means we provide insights that others can’t. With our breaking news alerts, curated analysis feeds, data sets that integrate with your models, in-depth research reports and our archive dating back to 1961, we’re able to build energy solutions for big and small organizations. For more bespoke support, our Advisory experts are available for exclusive consulting projects to help address your unique business challenges.

As the industry confronts the challenges of adapting to the energy
transition, our in-depth understanding of energy markets, policies
and technologies will equip you to make better business decisions
Alex Schindelar, President, Energy Intelligence

With our focus on the issues that matter today, and insights on the political and technological issues that shape tomorrow, the context we provide makes Energy Intelligence your essential guide to navigate the changing world of energy.

Our History

Energy Intelligence – A History of Excellence and Future of Innovation

For over 70 years, Energy Intelligence has remained firmly committed to the same basic principles of providing knowledge and understanding of the global energy business as an indispensable source for the largest corporate, government and financial players in energy.

During this time, Energy Intelligence has provided the breaking news, incisive analysis and essential data that clients have relied on to stay ahead of the competition. This history of excellence is fully archived and easily accessible to our clients, providing you with the contextual framework to both understand the past and take advantage of the future.

Energy Intelligence was built to be boldly independent, with a mission to provide information that our clients can’t find elsewhere. As a privately held, subscription-only business, our model supports that strong sense of independence and allows us to take on any issue -- even if controversial.

At the core of our success is a tradition of excellence in reporting on and analyzing energy developments. The companies that would eventually form Energy Intelligence effectively invented the specialized business journalism that emerged in the mid-20th century. Oil Daily (launched in 1951) and Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (1961) focused squarely on in-depth understanding of the oil and gas industry and became essential reading for executives.

These companies were combined to form Energy Intelligence in 1996 by Raja Sidawi, an international businessman with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. Since the merger, Energy Intelligence has built on the legacy of those powerful brands, building out news, analysis, data, research and advisory services to meet the needs of the energy clients of the 21st century.

Through it all, our basic philosophy has remained: to identify the changes in world of energy without taking sides – and explain what those changes mean.

Energy Intelligence Origins

The Oil Daily was founded in 1951 as a newspaper for the US oil industry in the post-World War II economic boom. It was based in Washington, DC, and made coverage of politics and regulation central to its reporting. In 1980, in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, the company launched the highly regarded annual Oil & Money conference in partnership with the International Herald Tribune, which continues today as the Energy Intelligence Forum. The idea 40 years ago, as today, was to bring together the biggest players in energy to debate the most important energy issues. The company later launched Natural Gas Week to cover the burgeoning US natural gas business, which was expanded to include proprietary spot and bidweek prices approved by the US’ Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

In 1986, Mr Sidawi acquired The Oil Daily Co. and subsequently launched Energy Compass, focusing on the essential intersection between energy and geopolitics – an area that would be built into a core strength of the company. He also launched Nefte Compass, a unique newsletter that tracked the oil industry in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union and monitored the interaction between the communist and non-communist worlds. Today Nefte Compass stands as one of the most important records of this turbulent period.

Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) was founded in 1961 by the legendary oil journalist Wanda Jablonski, who single-handedly invented international energy journalism in the 1950s. As a woman covering a male-dominated sector, she was a true trailblazer, traveling the world to build sources and illuminate the opaque world of oil. Uniquely for that time, PIW was designed as an air-mail newsletter specifically targeted at a select audience of international oil executives. Its initial focus was on the conflict between major oil companies and oil-producing countries that led to the birth of Opec and later the oil price shocks of the 1970s. According to The Prize, Daniel Yergin’s seminal history of the oil industry “no one in a position of power or responsibility in the oil industry could easily do without her journal.”

Evolution by Expansion

Ms. Jablonski sold PIW Publications in 1988. By the mid-1990s, the company’s offerings had expanded to include other specialized newsletters, as well as a research and data unit. In 1996, Mr Sidawi’s The Oil Daily Co. bought PIW Publications, creating Energy Intelligence. The takeover brought together these esteemed energy newsletters, creating a formidable information provider at the dawn of the digital revolution.

Over the early 2000s digital media largely displaced traditional print publications and by 2001, guided by Lara Sidawi, all Energy Intelligence publications were delivered electronically. This opened the way to the launch of International Oil Daily to a global audience, as well as other new services. Energy Intelligence’s research and advisory capabilities also expanded significantly, deepening the analytical and forecasting capabilities of the company beyond specialized journalism. Data services were also expanded with the buildout of proprietary data sets in oil, gas and products.

In 2008, Marcel van Poecke joined Mr Sidawi as a partner in Energy Intelligence. Mr Van Poecke, Managing Director for Carlyle International Energy Partners and Chairman of AtlasInvest, a private holding company, is an experienced investor in energy-related enterprises.

Energy Intelligence also expanded beyond oil and gas to cover the nuclear and low-carbon sectors, which culminated in the launch of EI New Energy in 2012. In keeping with the company’s track record, EI New Energy proved to be ahead of its time, covering the energy transition from fossil fuels to alternative forms of energy in depth nearly a decade before it became mainstream.

The Energy Transition and Beyond

Today, all these information capabilities – news, analysis, research, data and advisory – are seamlessly combined in five subject-specific energy information services providing the full range of Energy Intelligence capabilities: Energy Transition, Oil Markets, Global LNG, Risk and Competitive Intelligence.

As the world faces the challenge of climate change and decarbonization, Energy Intelligence is drawing on its rich history of providing valuable insight and understanding to help guide the way forward for the global energy industry.


Energy Intelligence Worldwide

Whether our clients are in Warsaw or Washington, they can expect the highest levels of services and access to our global array of experts. Through our eight locations in four continents, we concentrate our knowledge and expertise on the topics of interest to our clients wherever they do business.

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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Energy Intelligence is the leading provider of news, data, analysis and research for the global energy sector.

Our research, news, advisory and data services engage with energy-sector issues from a deeply informed yet independent point of view, and our trusted insights drive the decisions that shape the energy sector. Our global network of award-winning journalists and analysts has been in the middle of the action for seven decades, so we have a clarity of vision few can match.

Energy Intelligence’s core expertise in oil markets, LNG, the energy transition, geopolitics and competitive intelligence, makes us a critical partner for the biggest players in the energy industry. We also host the eponymous Energy Intelligence Forum, the platform for decision-makers, thought-leaders and innovators from the worlds of energy, finance, politics and business to debate, discuss and develop sustainable solutions to the energy challenges of the 21st century.

With a history dating back to 1951, and unrivaled access to primary sources of data and information, a career with Energy Intelligence offers the opportunity to join a well-respected and leading name in the energy industry.

Join the team and you’ll get to work with smart, dedicated and collaborative professionals in one of our eight locations around the world: London, New York, Washington, Houston, Dubai, Beirut, Singapore and Moscow.

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