Energy Transition: Can Gas Compete?

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Gas will need to be more resilient to ensure its future role, given the relentless rise of renewables. While in the near-term, Covid’s price impact helps gas-fired power-generation look more competitive, according to our proprietary analysis, longer-term trends continue to favor wind and especially solar.

Please join the Energy Intelligence team to discuss our levelized cost of energy (LCOE) outlook and the implications for gas and corporate strategy.

Topics to be discussed by our experts:

  • Covid-19 crisis and near-term impact on levelized cost of energy (LCOE) trends
  • LCOE outlook to 2050 and investment implications for gas
  • Gas’s future role in company portfolios

Your host, Abhi Rajendran, will lead a discussion with Alex Martinos, Editor of Energy Intelligence Premium, TJ Conway, Head of Energy Transition Research, and Philippe Roos, Senior Reporter and New Energy Expert.