Alfanar Secures Feedstock for UK SAF Plant

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Saudi sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) producer Alfanar needs feedstocks for its upcoming Lighthouse Green Fuels waste-to-jet facility in the UK and has just signed up Dutch waste sorter N+P Group to source them. The plant will be the largest Fischer-Tropsch SAF plant in the world at 165 million liters (44 million gallons)/yr when it starts up in 2028 using 1 million tons/yr of non-recyclable waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration. N+P says it is lining up long-term contracts with waste companies and councils in the UK and plans to build up to three processing facilities. The waste will sorted to remove any recyclable or inert materials before being dried and turned it into high carbon pellets ready for conversion into SAF.

Biofuels (incl. SAF)
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