Solutions in Sight for the Thorniest Emissions

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Solutions for squeezing out tricky emissions from sectors like heavy industry have emerged rapidly and look far more feasible than just a few years ago. Hydrogen and electrification, in particular, are attracting commercial interest for replacing carbon-heavy fuels in industrial sectors and transport, says Mike Hemsley, deputy director of the Energy Transitions Commission. Policy is kick-starting more momentum, with today's overlapping energy security and geopolitical crises creating an “inflection point” that's pushing the world “more toward clean energy in the long term,” Hemsley told Energy Intelligence at COP27 in Egypt. Upticks have been seen in coal and gas in the short-term, but in the long run the world is galloping toward renewables, hydrogen, carbon capture and utilization and other carbon removal technologies.

Emerging Technologies, Hydrogen, CO2 Emissions
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