Republican-Controlled US House May Push Nuclear

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As Republicans prepare to take control of the US House of Representatives following national midterm elections, one incumbent Republican took the opportunity to present a three-page "Blueprint for Nuclear Innovation and Competitiveness." The proposal by South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, includes a “Made in America” system “to strengthen uranium mining and conversion” — including easing “regulatory restrictions to mining” — and incentives for domestic enrichment capacity. Other tenets of Duncan's plan include amending national energy policy to classify nuclear energy as a renewable resource, easing regulatory oversight for reactor operators, expediting environmental reviews, offering federal financing for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, and a new push to site a permanent repository for the nation’s nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. That proposal was previously revived under former President Donald Trump, before he reversed course. Duncan also calls for “actions to end reliance” on Russian supplies of enriched uranium, a proposal that is already working its way through Congress, although it has yet to secure a broader legislative vehicle for passage.

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