Centrus Haleu Demo Gets Extension

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Centrus Energy's failure to achieve operational readiness for production of high-assay low-enriched uranium (Haleu) at its Portsmouth enrichment plant in Ohio has prompted the US Department of Energy (DOE) to award the company an additional $150 million. The cost-shared award announced Nov. 10 will allow Centrus subsidiary American Centrifuge to "complete the final steps of centrifuge assembly and clear an operational readiness review" of its 16-machine AC-100M to produce 20 kilograms of Haleu by the end of 2023, said DOE. The latest award follows a $115 million three-year, cost-share deal for the same purpose that expires this year, and is expected to facilitate the eventual production of 900 kg of Haleu annually. But with only $30 million allocated for 2023, future funds are "subject to appropriations, with additional options to produce more material under the contract in future years," DOE said. The award is separate from the DOE's recent mandate under the Inflation Reduction Act to allocate $700 million toward Haleu availability and supply chain readiness, which Energy Intelligence understands will first require DOE to conduct a time-consuming environmental impact statement.

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