EU Permitting Fast Track

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The European Commission plans to introduce temporary, one-year, emergency measures to fast-track the amount of time it takes to get renewables projects permitted in the bloc. Under a Council regulation proposal published this week, renewable energy projects would be classified as being of "overriding public interest" and would enjoy faster and more streamlined permitting. Non-land based solar photovoltaics projects — on building roofs or artificial structures for example — would enjoy a maximum permitting timeline of one month. This would also include permitting for grid connections and co-located storage. Solar PV projects would also be exempt from "certain environmental assessments." Existing projects that are repowered — such as upgrading onshore wind turbines to bigger capacity and more efficient blades — would enjoy a maximum permitting time of six months. Heat pumps would enjoy a maximum permitting time of three months.

Renewable Electricity , Low-Carbon Policy
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