E-Jet Up to 15 Times Fossil Jet Prices

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New research published in the journal Sustainable Energy & Fuels suggests power-to-liquids or e-jet will be between five and 15 times more expensive than fossil jet. “For e-jets to be cost-competitive with conventional jet fuel, a carbon tax of $1,125 per ton of CO2 equivalent would need to be imposed,” the study concludes. Researchers considered five possible e-jet plants in Europe. They all use hybrid solar and wind power for water electrolysis but different sources of CO2 and different methods of storing hydrogen. Using CO2 from coal or gas-fired power plants and storing hydrogen in existing salt caverns was found to be the cheapest but least sustainable route. Using CO2 captured from the air and storing hydrogen in dedicated tanks was the most sustainable but also the most expensive.

Biofuels (incl. SAF)
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