US Firms Promise Low-Carbon Jet Fuel

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Gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology is making a comeback in the US where some GTL developers are eyeing a slice of the booming domestic low-carbon fuels market. Cerilon GTL is spending an estimated $2.8 billion on its first 24,000 b/d Fischer-Tropsch plant in Trenton, North Dakota. The facility will convert shale gas from Bakken into lower-carbon versions of regular jet fuel, diesel, naphtha and other oils with more already planned across North America. Rival GTL producer Nacero will use a different technology to make mainly low-carbon gasoline at its 90,000 b/d Penwell facility near Odessa, Texas following an estimated $8 billion investment. Both plants are due on line by 2027.

Jet Fuel, Carbon Capture (CCS)
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