Gas Finds New Ways to Aid Transition

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Natural gas already has a critical role to play in the energy transition, but emerging applications are expanding its usefulness further. As a cleaner-burning alternative in power generation and transportation, gas has long been seen as a “bridge” fuel for consumers and industries looking to reduce emissions. But growing interest and investment in known technologies like gas-to-liquids (GTL) and methane pyrolysis, particularly in North America, have gas poised to be a potentially important feedstock for buzzy products like sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), clean hydrogen and renewable diesel and gasoline, even as geopolitical concerns in Europe jack up demand for LNG and goose global gas prices. In the oil field, gas use is already established as a convenient way to lower operational emissions. Interest in electrified drilling rigs and hydraulic fracturing spreads remains high, although equipment is in short supply. While remote locations in the Permian Basin in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico have proven difficult to fully electrify, so-called dual-fuel options have emerged that enable operators to use field gas to displace diesel. Kirk Johnson, ConocoPhillips’ head of lower 48 operations, says the deployment of dual-fuel equipment has cut the company’s diesel usage by 75% across its Permian operations. That can translate into cost savings as well — Trican Well Services CEO Brad Fedora says his company’s dual-fuel frack equipment can save operators more than $50,000 per day per well compared to engines fueled by diesel alone.

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