Newbuild: New Delhi Slowly Ordering 'Fleet Mode' Components

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While progress remains slow, over the past year India's nuclear planners have signed major supply-chain contracts for the build-out of 10 additional 700 megawatt indigenous pressurized heavy-water reactors, or IPHWRs: two at Kaiga in Karnatka, two at Gorakhpur (Units 3 and 4) in Haryana, two at Chutka in Madhya Pradesh and four at Mahi Banswara in Rajastan. This ambitious 1.05 trillion rupee ($13.20 billion) "fleet mode" program, which New Delhi first committed to in 2017, would see construction of the newbuilds start sequentially between 2023-25, and to be completed in 2031. All of that is on top of the twin IPHWRs planned but not yet under construction as the first two units of Gorakhpur.

Nuclear Newbuilds
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