OKG Inks Deal for Hydrogen From Its Oskarshamn Reactor

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Swedish operator OKG and Linde Gas this week signed what may be the world's first commercial contract for hydrogen supplied from a nuclear plant, in this case OKG's 1,400 megawatt Oskarshamn-3 boiling water reactor. The first delivery will be completed in early 2022. "Initially, it is about relatively small volumes," OKG CEO Johan Lundberg explained in a Jan. 20 statement. "But we have expertise as well as plant and infrastructure, and I see a very good potential to expand this business." Oskarshamn-3 has long generated hydrogen via an OKG-operated electrolyzer for use as a coolant at Oskarshamn's three reactors. But the closure of Units 1 and 2 in 2016-17 led to an overcapacity of hydrogen. The volumes sold to Linde Gas "will be used in the green transition of the Swedish industry, but also for the supply to Linde's existing customer base," an OKG spokesperson told Energy Intelligence. OKG is majority-owned by Germany's Uniper (54.5%), alongside Finland Fortum (45.5%), and both owners hope to work together to expand into the hydrogen market.

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