Austria's OMV to Supply SAF at Vienna

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Austria's OMV will start supplying Austrian Airlines (AUA) with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in March 2022 under an agreement to provide 1,500 tons at Vienna airport next year. OMV will co-process used cooking oil from local sources at its Schwechat refinery near the airport. The SAF will be handled using existing storage, pipeline and refueling infrastructure. OMV says usage of SAF would shave 3,570 tons of CO2 off the airline's emissions, equivalent to the carbon emitted from 333 Vienna-London flights of an Airbus A320. Passengers who want to offset the carbon footprint of their flights can pay for the higher cost of SAF using AUA parent firm Lufthansa's Compensaid platform. In a Dec. 13 statement, OMV CEO Alfred Stern said that, “Sustainable Aviation Fuels are a key technology for a lower-carbon aviation industry ... We are very serious about our role in the energy transition and will continue to work on reducing the CO2 intensity of our portfolio in the future." Alexis von Hoensbroech, CEO of Austrian Airlines added that "now, the task is to work with policymakers towards a location-based initiative to meet the EU blending mandates from 2025 onwards and hopefully even surpass them.”

Biofuels (incl. SAF), Refining
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