Greens Prepare New Campaign Against Big Oil

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Climate activists have put oil and gas financing, methane, offsets and upstream access squarely in the firing line following COP26. After the recent Glasgow summit agreed to "phase-down" coal use, more attention is turning to the oil and gas sector's contribution to global greenhouse emissions. Environmental NGOs looking ahead to next year's COP27 in Cairo are expected to ratchet up pressure on governments and investors to secure similar future commitments to constrain the oil and gas industry. Against a backdrop of performance art-like climate protests in Glasgow, Greenpeace’s high-profile allegations that Saudi officials were trying to slow-walk action to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 made headlines. That charged exchange, which saw Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman clap back at Greenpeace for spreading “lies” and “fabrications,” sets the stage for greens to continue to apply similar pressure on other governments ahead of COP27. Greenpeace is already pledging “irrepressible pressure that finally ends the era of all fossil fuels,” according to a post-COP26 policy brief.

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