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Hydrogen Continues Advancing in the Middle East

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As the energy transition takes shape in the Middle East, with major oil producers including the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia having committed to reaching net-zero emissions targets by 2050 and 2060 respectively, hydrogen — both green and blue — has become central to regional decarbonization strategies. Much however is still at an early stage.

European oil majors and utilities are starting to put some sizable cash into green hydrogen, but cost and demand remain murky.
Wed, Dec 8, 2021
Biofuels have had a complicated history, with a number of uncertainties still affecting future growth prospects.
Wed, Dec 8, 2021
Woodside is planning to invest $5 billion in hydrogen and carbon capture and storage by 2030 to accelerate its transition toward a low-carbon future.
Wed, Dec 8, 2021