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Release Of The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings

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Energy Intelligence has released its annual ranking of the world’s 100 largest oil companies. The latest rankings reflect a deeply disruptive pandemic and presage a complex transition as companies navigate short-term opportunities and long-term strategies.

The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC and IOC Rankings is the only ranking system that compares private sector firms with national oil companies. This in-depth analysis ranks six key operational metrics together with 60 additional company performance parameters.

Here are some of the key findings from the recent ranking:

  • The top 10 companies represent around one-third of the world’s oil and gas activity, and membership has changed for the first time in several years. PDVSA dropped to #11, while Chevron returned to the group at #10 after a six-year exile.

  • US-focused independents continue to be overrepresented in the Top 100, accounting for 22% of the companies but only 7% of combined oil and gas output. Diamondback Energy, Pioneer Natural Resources and Antero Resources all advanced on organic growth, while Diamondback and Pioneer will jump further next year through acquisitions.

  • Next year’s Top 100 edition will capture some of the most dramatic M&A the industry has seen for years, with expected jumps in rank for Woodside, ConocoPhillips, Santos and Cabot Oil & Gas.

  • We continue to expect that as the energy transition gains momentum, declining size and rank will be as important an indication of strategic direction going forward as growth had been more than a decade ago.

  • New entrants in the 2022 ranking include: PDC Energy (No. 86), ARC Resources (No. 93), and MEG Energy (No. 100). Santos (No. 94) returns to the rank this year.

Alex Schindelar, President of Energy Intelligence, said:

The latest Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC and IOC Rankings illustrates that the energy transformation is here, but the post-pandemic recovery complicates the industry’s trajectory. Oil and gas activity cratered as the world locked down. Opec-plus countries and their NOCs bore the brunt of the production cuts, while supermajors shouldered the demolition of product sales. But now the industry confronts rising oil prices and the potential for chronic underinvestment spurred by 2020 retrenchment and driven by capital return to shareholders, other investment priorities, or both.

The absence of investment at pre-pandemic levels will also open the way for some companies—particularly, but not necessarily limited to, Opec-country NOCs—to fill the gap. This suggests that the Top 100 will continue to be a critical barometer of a potentially chaotic transition.

Six parameters are used to compile the rankings: oil reserves, natural gas reserves, oil production, natural gas production, refinery distillation capacity and refined product sales. The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings analysis considers an additional 60 financial and operational parameters.

The Top 10 companies in this year’s rankings are:
1. Saudi Aramco
4. Exxon Mobil
5. BP
6. Rosneft
7. Shell
8. Gazprom
9. TotalEnergies
10. Chevron

The list of Top 50 companies is available, along with valuable insights into their performance, to clients of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, the flagship publication of Energy Intelligence.

The full ranking and analysis are available to clients of the Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings, as part of Energy Intelligence’s suite of interactive data services.


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