As Weather Support Fades, Volatility Will Still Linger

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The fading likelihood that US gas storage inventories will enter the winter heating season at a significant deficit to seasonal averages had bulls and bears wrestling for control of the natural gas futures market for much of last week. The November gas contract plunged just under $5 per million Btu psychological support Oct. 18, culminating a two-session, 69.8¢ swan dive; but lingering upside risk gave prices plenty of room to run higher even if they lacked fundamental support.

How much profit inflation will consume will depend on the efficiency gains companies have made over the last few years.
Wed, Nov 24, 2021
The big question facing European oil majors ahead is whether to keep their oil and low-carbon businesses together or split them off.
Thu, Dec 2, 2021
EU member states are divided over whether major reforms of the bloc's wholesale gas and power markets are needed after a recent surge in prices.
Thu, Dec 2, 2021