Voluntary Carbon Markets Boom But Skepticism Endures

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Voluntary carbon markets are booming. That's because more and more companies are embracing net-zero emission targets — and looking to offset emissions they cannot cut directly through operational changes. However, the practice remains controversial, with some investors warning businesses against over-reliance on carbon offsetting. Increasing demand for high-quality carbon credits also raises questions about whether the supply of those credits can keep up, although efforts to tackle this barrier are advancing.

Investors appreciate European oil companies' efforts to transition but are not convinced massive investment in renewables is best.
Tue, Nov 23, 2021
Russian companies are positioning themselves ahead of the introduction of a new EU carbon border tax.
Thu, Nov 25, 2021
Climate activists have put oil and gas financing, methane, offsets and upstream access squarely in the firing line following COP26.
Wed, Nov 24, 2021